We took a sleeper train from Ninh Binh to Hue which was an experience! We chose the soft sleeper which means you get an actual mattress instead of just sleeping on wood. We shared a bunker with a Vietnamese family who left at 3am. After then we had the place to ourselves and slept pretty well! It’s noisy and bouncy but a much better experience than our one from Seattle to San Francisco! Just pack some earbuds...


Imperial Citadel

100,000 vnd each which is on the more expensive side of things to do in Vietnam but the main attraction here in Hue. Lots of information and photos as you explore so worth seeing if you’re interested in the history.  

Thuy Tien Lake Abandoned Water park

Something we found out about from Instagram and google! This abandoned water park cost millions to build and opened in 2004 but was never fully completed and had many problems leaving it abandoned after just a few years. Although not technically open it has become a huge hit with the urban explorers wanting to visit the eerie abandoned place! We had to bribe the guard with 25,000 vnd each to let us in, he then sent us down a pathway into the woods to go explore the park. You could spend anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours exploring here with only a handful of other people doing the same thing. There’s an abandoned amphitheater, water park and huge dragon centre piece which houses the aquarium. It’s an incredible place to explore and see how the nature is reclaiming the place. 

We were happy to pay the guard the equivalent of €2 to enter however we’ve also heard that some people despite their bribes were just not allowed in so it’s purely luck of catching the guard on a good day I guess!


The Summer Weather

Up until now everywhere had been slightly more winter like than summery. It was so nice to get off the train and be hit with the heat of the sun!



The citadel was expensive and unfortunately coming from the ones in Hanoi and the pagodas in Ninh Binh it just wasn’t as interesting for us. But I guess that's just whining for the sake of it.

Tips & Tricks

Take A Moped To The Abandoned Water Park

From research we found that some taxi drivers won’t have a clue where you’re wanting to go, and you’ll most definitely not be able to get one to pick you up from that location. The roads weren’t too bad and just take it slow. It’s only 8km from the city centre and if you’re lucky the guard will let you take the bike in to explore the area!