Hoi An

From Hue we took a bus/minivan for the three hour journey to Hoi An. On this journey we found out that on the 5th February it’s Vietnam’s lunar new year and that Hoi An is the best place to experience this is! We were pretty excited to experience it in the ‘city of lights’.


Beach Days

A 10 minute moped journey out of the town takes you to the coast. We went to the ‘hidden beach’ location which had free parking as long as you get something from the bar.  There are free loungers to use and a beautiful stretch of sand to relax and top up the tan we’ve lost a little!

Lunar New Year

The New Years is the biggest celebration here in Vietnam so we were so excited to get to experience it. The area was packed with tourists and locals filling the streets, bars and restaurants to see in the new year with some lovely fireworks. The whole of the week is then a holiday period to relax, celebrate and enjoy with family and friends. Make sure you’re polite and respectful during this period as they believe how their first day of the new year goes will determine how the rest of their year will pan out. Be kind, buy without haggling and appreciate those who are working as this is really meant as a time for enjoying with family and friends. 

Hoi An Old Town

The place lights up with the lanterns along all the streets and on the boats in the river. It isn’t full of the cheap knock off shopping like Hanoi but more so of traditional, authentic gifts and especially special tailors.


New Years Celebrations

As ever the Vietnamese are so friendly and it was great to see them so happy welcoming in the new year. Also, seeing the different traditions we were not used to was highly interesting.

Relaxing Under Palm Trees

We’ve realised we miss beaches! It was so nice to have the sun on us and relax after such a busy itinerary here in Vietnam. 


Jonas didn’t like that there was no cheap knock off shopping here but I loved it! It was much more traditional and authentic and felt like a little luxury holiday destination.

Tips & Tricks

Hoi An Is The Place To Be For ‘Tet‘ (New Years)

We were slightly worried as going online we found that most shops and restaurants shut down over this holiday week creating a bit of ghost town! I think this is the case with other areas of Vietnam but luckily for us this isn’t the case in Hoi An. It is such a tourist place and many locals come here as an escape from the city for the holiday period that you have no worries of starving here! Although some restaurants and shops closed the majority stayed opened with a slightly changed menu or opening times. We never once struggled with eating or buying things!