Ho Chi Minh City

We took a 2 hr flight from Da Nang (near Hoi An) over to Ho Chi Minh City, our last stop in Vietnam!


War Remnants Museum

A must do while in Ho Chi Minh city. It only costs 80,000 vnd per person and gives you such an informative look on the history of the war here in Vietnam. Be aware some of the photos are extremely dark, grim and upsetting but we feel they need to be seen to see exactly what happened in this countries history. 

Bitexco Tower

The best building for some views over the city. You have the option of paying to go up to a viewing deck, or if like us you’re looking for a slightly cheaper option we went up to Eon51 cafe and restaurant for free and all you have to pay is for whatever food or drinks you want. If you want to go here make sure you go into the actual shopping mall and up the central escalator where you’ll be directed to the lifts up to the cafe. 

Spa Day

As a valentines treat we thought we’d splash out on a spa day. We chose the Miu Miu spa and opted for the 2 hr body and foot package. It was absolutely amazing and only €25 each which is really a bargain compared to Europe. Be aware though that the massages are very different to those in Europe. Be ready for the masseuse to climb onto the massage table and even on top of you at times!

Saigon Notre Dame

We went off exploring on foot and explored the outside of this gorgeous building, it was under construction while we were the so we aren’t sure if you can go inside or not but still worth checking out if you have time.

Central Post Office

Right next to the Notre Dame is this stunning old building dating back to the french colonial times which is still a working post office. Don’t miss the chance to send the loved ones a postcard from here.

Tan Dinh Church

A 20 min walk from the Notre Dame is this beautiful church. We just had to go and visit it to see if it was actually pink or not - turns out it definitely was!


Jonas’s love for the markets is still going strong so of course we tested out all three. The Benh Than market is a huge indoor market full of everything you could imagine. At 7pm the night market opens up and surrounds the streets around Benh Than Market. Finally, Saigon Square is a less busy and crowded area mainly focusing on clothes and accessories, however they aren’t as keen on haggling here with more set prices. Bear in mind the prices are higher here than in Hanoi, start your haggling at at least half of what their asking! Some will go down considerably, some won’t budge at all!

Also, Ben Than Market has a nice Street Food Alley right around the corner!


Pathways free to walk on!

Sounds absurd but Ho Chi Minh City is the first place we’ve visited in Vietnam where you could actually walk on the paths! It was a lovely change to having to dodge the traffic by walking in the road. 


Didn’t feel as Vietnamese

Coming from authentic Hanoi, Hoi An and Ninh Binh this city didn’t feel Vietnamese like. It didn’t have the huge culture shock and is a lot more westernised. If visiting Asia or Vietnam for the first time it could be a good idea to do the trip the opposite way round to us as this is definitely a good place to settle in!

Tips & Tricks

Use the GRAB App

Like Uber you can book taxis on the app on your phone and get set prices for your journeys so no worries of being conned or ripped off. The city is huge and with the heat you’ll want to get in an air conditioned taxi instead of walking! It’s also very cheap for both journeys around the city and getting to the airport.

Try the Pizza 4P restaurant

If you’re looking for a taste of some more western foods definitely check this place out. There are a few different ones around the city but we went to the Benh Than market one for valentines (and another time as we liked it so much!) Make sure you get the pizzas with the homemade burrata cheese topping - it’s delicious!