The second stop on our trip was a quick stop in Washington D.C. We got a 4 hr express coach over from NYC for a quick stop off on our journey. We stayed for 2 nights with 1 day to explore. 


Our visit to Washington D.C mainly focused around a relaxed walk around the city to explore the main historic buildings and get some great photos. 
All of the places mentioned below are within walking distance of each other so Washington is just perfect to explore on foot or bike. Another bonus is that all the places mentioned are completely free!

Capitol Hill

Washington Monument

WW2 Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

National Air and Space Museum

The White House


Clean City

The city instantly stood out to have a much cleaner fresher feeling in comparison to NYC. The areas we visited were all kept clean and tidy with no trash littering the streets. It was something we hadn’t thought would make such an impact on our view of a city but it surprisingly did!

Less Busy and More Nature

Both of us are more of a ‘smaller city’ ‘country’ type of person so a huge appeal to both of us regarding Washington was that there was so much free space! Although still touristic, the place felt much freer and there was much more open green space around. Take the walk down the beautiful pathways from the Capitol all the way to the Lincoln memorial. You’ll surely be joined along the way by the extremely friendly squirrels!


Security personal & Police around the White house

An unexpected and badly timed visit to The White House resulted in us basically being escorted away from the premises due to an incoming Helicopter landing there (Hello Mr Trump?!)
Due to this we decided to walk around to the front of the property, yet it left us feeling a little uneasy and on edge due to the vast amount of security and policemen with guns – spoiling our spectating moment for a while! Just make sure you’re luckier than us with your timing for The White House photos!

Tips & Tricks

Scooter Or Bike Around The Park

There’s generally some good/cheap deals to take advantage of and it's a great way to get off your feet for a while. Although easily achievable on foot it is a lot of walking! Bear in mind many of the paths are gravel so you better have some good off-roading scooter skills...

Museums Are Free

We decided to visit the Air and space museum which was totally free but you're welcome to give donations at numerous points around the venue if you’d like. It was full of some great information on the past, present and future of space and air adventures. It was also a good way to get out the heat for a while. 

Other free ones are for example: 


        National Gallery of Art

        U.S. Botanic Gardens

        National Museum of Natural History


Too Hot?

Cool off at the war memorial water fountain where you can dip your feet in. A beautiful area to relax for a while.