It was time to leave Canada so we got our last greyhound bus and headed over the border to Seattle. This was a week and a half stop off before getting the Amtrak Train down to San Francisco!


Dr. Jose Rizal Park

We were recommended this park for some great photography opportunities overlooking the city. However… we took the walk there and felt it was a little on the ‘dodgy’ end of town. We were told to avoid it at night time and definitely not go on your own but we still didn’t feel totally at ease in the day so stopped to take some photos along the bridge instead where we still got some great photos! 

Seattle Waterfront

Some beautiful views over the bay to the Olympic national park mountains. Also some tourist food stops and the aquarium if interested. They also have The Great wheel (a mini London Eye) to take in all the views. 

Pike Place Market

A vibrant busy market area within close proximity of both the waterfront and downtown. A great place to explore with lots of food, second hand shops and arts and crafts on offer. There’s also a lovely outdoor roof decking area to sit, enjoy your food and watch over the bay. 

While here we were also told to visit the gum wall (yes... literally a wall full of gum!) but as we arrived the cleaners were there removing it all. What bad timing! We did manage to sneak a quick photo of what was left. 

Space Needle Area

We took the monorail (a $5 return short ride) to explore the Space Needle and surround areas. We loved how quiet and full of nature the area was in comparison to downtown. There is a variety of exhibitions, museums and a beautiful water fountain there. We loved the quirky Pop culture museum building! 

Kerry Park

From the Space Needle we took a 20 minute walk over to Kerry Park. Although steep (yes I’d probably get the bus next time..!) it was well worth the climb. By far the best view of the city. It had a view of the space needle, all the skyscrapers, the water front and the beautiful Mount Rainer standing boldly in the background. It was a lovely area to rest for a while and it is within a lovely neighbourhood with some incredible houses!


The Architecture

We loved the mix of old traditional and detailed buildings with the minimalistic skyscrapers. The city has managed to keep its history and not be completely taken over by modern buildings. 

Mt Rainer & City Skyline Views

We didn’t expect how predominantly Mt Rainer would stand out when we went to Kerry Park. The snowy mountain top was beautiful and much higher than we thought it would be! 


Homeless & Unsafe Areas

What we have come to realise with Seattle is that the outskirts of the city prove to be much more underdeveloped and home to many of the homeless and junkies. After experiencing it on our first day we decided to try to avoid the outskirts and felt much more comfortable in the city centre where it was much less seen. I think we may have more of a negative view on a situation that could be harmless due to not experiencing homelessness and junkies on such a huge scale back in Europe. 

Tips & Tricks

Which Seattle Skyline Photo Opportunity – Dr Jose Rizal Park vs. Kerry Park

From personal experience we would definitely pick Kerry Park over Dr. Jose Rizal Park. The views from Dr Jose Rizal Park are only really worth it for those more serious photographers who want to capture that long exposure nighttime shot with the highway lights. Otherwise, it is a little too far out the city in the wrong direction. Kerry Park is a beautiful area in itself and offers much more within the shots you can take.

Living Locations & Light Rail

Initially when looking accommodation, we were hesitant at how far south we were having to look on our budget. We ended in the Othello area but were pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the lightrail got you into the city centre. It only $5 each for a return and you simply had two options of routes: into the city or further out towards the airport – simple! Othello itself is a quiet residential area with some good food shop options on offer. We made a good choice!