Phi Phi Islands

After a flight from Bangkok to Phuket and a few nights just to relax and recuperate, we took the boat over to the Phi Phi Islands!


Boat Day Trip

There are many, many different options to pick for taking a boat tour whilst on the Phi Phi islands. We chose to go with the PP Don full day tour for 600thb each. (Note: additional 400thb needed for national park fees). Ournprice included visiting Bamboo island, shark point, monkey beach, Maya Bay, Viking Cave, Pileh lagoon and watching the sunset. We also got waters, a small lunch, fruit, snorkels and kayaks for that price which was pretty good in comparison to others we saw. It was a great day out seeing some beautiful views, white beaches and some amazing snorkelling. A must do!

Sunset Viewpoint

We decided to head up to the viewpoints for sunset. It costs 30thb to enter and the climb is very tough going in the heat – we’ve never sweated that much in our lives! But the view is spectacular. In hindsight we’d recommend going early in the morning to avoid the heat and the views will be better without the sun glare. 

Sun, Sea and Explore the island!

The island itself is tiny so we spent a few days exploring the different beaches, trying out the different restaurants and topping up the tan (travelling is tiring)!


The Mix of Visitors

The Phi Phi Islands have a reputation as a real party hard island, and although that is the case within bars in the evening, the island is actually filled with the young, the old, the families, the party hards and the not so party hards! A much better mix than we thought. 


Can't Compare

Unfortunately for us, the beaches just weren’t as stunning as Fiji! A hard place to compare to though.

Tips & Tricks

Use The Boats To Get Around

Shop around before boat tour price. There’s so much on offer, all offering different activities and different prices. The set prices can be haggled. Also take note of the different types of boats on offer. We chose a larger boat for more room and options of shade. There’s also the small long boats (which get crammed full of people!), speedboats and party boats!