South Island Part I

From Picton to Milford Sound down along the East coast.



A lovely little with on the coast with some great walks, mountain views and a seal colony. We stayed two nights at the irish pub Donegal House (which Jonas loved of course due to the access to Guinness!) We did also meet up with Lottie’s friend Dominique and her partner Kenneth here which was great! It’s amazing to catch up with friends on the other side of the world.


The heavens opened here and we got to experience New Zealands torrential rain first hand which really affected our time here. We didn’t get to see much of Christchurch itself but we did determine that we loved Auckland more.

Lake Pukaki + Mt Cook

Another freedom camping gem! The fog crept in and stopped us from getting a proper view of Mt Cook but we still went on a lovely walk called The Hooker Trail.


A beautiful little town in the most picturesque setting. The sun came back out for us here so we got to relax and spend some time with Charlotte – another of Lottie’s friends who very luckily gets to call Queenstown home for now!

Milford Sound

A good 4 hour drive from Queenstown but we couldn’t miss our chance at seeing this spectacular place. The highlight for us was the 4/5 hour hike to Lake Marian. It was more like a scramble and climb than a walk and we were knackered once we reached the top but it was absolutely worth it. Definitely recommended if you’re up for a rewarding challenge. 



Beautiful and vibrant. Go try the famous Fergburger while you’re there. You won’t miss it – the queue goes down the street!

Lake Pukaki Area

We loved this area and can just imagine how much more spectacular it must be when the fog clears. A must do whatever the weather.



As mentioned above it isn’t as big or have as much to see as Auckland and unfortunately we got drenched while trying to explore the streets!

Milford Sound itself

**Controversial comment coming up**

We didn’t really enjoy Milford Sound itself. The area isn’t really made to explore on foot for free. You have to spend the money and get out on the ferries or kayaks to make the most of it. We also experienced it with the rain and fog which meant we didn’t really get to see it in all its glory. We would recommend driving a bit further out and exploring the rest of the area along the Milford Road with the lakes/forests and mountains. Lake Marian for example was a challenging hike but definitely worth it.