Kuala Lumpur

We had visited Kuala Lumpur airport before for a stopover night on the way to Vietnam so we were excited to leave the airport this time and explore the city itself.



Kuala Lumpur has two beautiful markets a stones throw away from each other which are a must if visiting the city. 

Petaling Street Market, Chinatown was full of your standard knock off goods of clothes, shoes, bags and gifts nestled into the quirky china town streets.

Kuala Lumpur Central Market also was a few minutes walk away and had another street market outside similar to that in Chinatown however the highlight was the central market building itself. Housing much more unique, handcrafted gifts its a perfect place to explore inside in the cool when it gets too hot outside.

Batu Caves

A 30 minute train ride away from where we lived in Chinatown lead us to Batu Caves! A beautiful statue and colourful steps leading up to a temple hidden up in the Caves. It was free to explore and the train ride was so cheap. However it is a tourist hotspot so be ready for the crowds. Also watch out for all the monkeys!

Thean Hou Temple

Another great free find. Head a little way out of the city and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning Chinese temple to wander around. Colour, intricate and not too busy it’s a great place to spend a morning.


We love our skylines and our favourite place to watch over them obviously is from a rooftop bar! We found an amazing one called Heilbar. Up the 30 so stories you will enter into a seemingly normal bar where you will order you drinks. You are then allowed to take your drinks up some stairs where you will get to enjoy them onto of a helipad with the best views over the city! The drinks aren’t too bad priced either. An absolute must. 

Shopping Malls

There is a never ending array of shopping malls here in Kuala Lumpur! Catering for everyone and every price range.

- Time Square Shopping Centre

Catering for those with a smaller budget it is full of cheaper good quality items. It is also absolutely huge and even has a Nando’s which we couldn’t resist! The prices were great at €5 each for a main, sides and drink. We didn’t want to leave!

- Pavillion

A beautiful shopping mall full of many well known brands that we have back in Europe. Catering for more of the middle to higher class price range. It’s also located on a great vibrant street which reminded us of Times Square in New York! Take a stroll around and you’ll soon end up on the busy Alor Street Food Market.

Petronas Towers

The highlight here is the stunning towers and their architecture but make sure you also head inside to explore yet another shopping mall! This one is definitely for the high-end price range with many luxury designer brands. Nothing we could afford but still worth exploring. Head outside the back of the shopping mall to the beautiful KLCC park where you can take a moment to relax after all the walking.

KL Forest Eco Park

This is a nature park situated right below the KL Tower. We would recommend taking the short suspended canopy walk but not much else. The rest was not worth it personally! We decided to try and walk around the park to exit at the other end however right at the end all the exits were closed. A lot of the park was also under maintenance and with nothing in particular to catch your eye. Avoid getting lost in the park like us! 


Modern City Feel with South-East Asia Prices!

We absolutely loved our short stay here. We weren’t expecting much, and used it really as a short stop over on our way to Singapore but we fell in love with the place. It had such a modern, clean, vibrant city feel like those of New York or London yet the prices were so so cheap! Why can’t every city be like this. 

It also still had the links to Asia with temples and the vast array of market stalls and street food everywhere. We would recommend anyone to visit here whilst in Asia. 


... We Didn't Stay Longer!

And also, the heat and humidity is strong here, beaware. 

Tips & Tricks

Try Out a Quirky Accommodation: The SPACEPODS!

We stayed in capsule town hostel right in China town behind their markets. It was such a unique experience and very cheap. 

Make Use of the KL EKSPRESS Airport Transfer Train

The airport is quite far out and traffic is busy like in any other big city so the best way to get to and from the airport (and around the city in general) would be to use the trains. The express train takes half an hour, costs around €11 and drops you right in the centre of the city.