Gili Islands

We decided to go spend a few days away from the tourist crowds of Bali so we booked a boat trip over to the Gili Islands. It was a long day with the horrendous traffic in Bali taking us three hours to get to the port and another 3 to eventually end up in Gili but it was so worth it once there! Out of the three islands we decided to stay on Gili Air; the middle level developed island! There’s also Gili T which is classed as the more busy party island and Gili Meno which is much quieter and less developed. 



We spend some downtime relaxing by the small pool and on the beach reading a good book or two. We also even had a gym right next door for very reasonable prices!

Biking around

The island is so small that you can bike around the whole island in less than an hour. It is a great way to explore (but you might have to push it through the sand from time to time!)


We snorkeled a little on Gili Air, but the best was taking the daily ferry over to Gili Meno. We departed at 8.30am and returned at 4.30pm for around €4 each. Lots of day trips go to Gili Meno for the day snorkeling so being there all day allowed us to wait and skip the busy moments. We then got to experience both the cool underwater statues and have a little swim with a turtle all to ourselves! A great day out.



We both loved how tranquil and peaceful the island was. It wasn’t crowded at all and as the islands don’t have any motorised vehicles it was so peaceful! The only means of transport around the small islands are walking, biking or by pony. Heaven!


Getting there...

The commotion of getting to and from Bali. I must admit, we have spend 4 months in South East Asia now and we are very used to the laid back, delayed and unorganised ways of their transportation system but this was on another level! As ever - we made it both times but it was much more difficult than past experiences. The amount of locals determined to scam you and even pretend they are part of the trusted company you booked with was crazy! Luckily, the determination of us and 4 other english girls meant we were able to navigate our way through the locations and eventually get all the correct transport.


Tips & Tricks

Pick the right Island for you!

As mentioned before there are 3 different islands to choose from here. 


Gili T (Trawangan) is much busier and the island most people depart at. It is more built up and deemed as more of the party island. 

Gili Air is where we stayed and it was just perfect for us. Big enough to have endless choices of restaurants and shops to explore, but quiet enough to enjoy without the party hard people around. 

Gili Meno is much less developed from our experience there for the day. It doesn’t have as much choice with where to stay or eat, but reminds us much more of our ‚back to basics‘ stay in Fiji. It also has great snorkelling.