2 1/2 hours later after a very entertaining flight (for Chloe and Izzy anyways!) we ended up in Bali. Another two hours later after a hectic and near impossible taxi journey we ended up at our first stop; a beautiful villa in Kuta Utara.


Tegallalang Rice Terraces

An absolutely beautiful place to explore where you can trek around the fields, enjoy one of the many swings or sit and enjoy the view from a restaurant.

Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest

Unfortunately, we visited here in a thunder and rain storm so couldn’t really appreciate its beauty but we think this also bought the added benefit of calming the monkeys down a little! 

Nusa Penida

We wanted to go explore the famous Nusa Penida island and booked a snorkelling and driving tour. Although an adventure it wasn’t what any of us anticipated! Be aware - snorkelling in Bali took us alley surprise. The sea was so rough it felt dangerous and actually made some of us sick! We didn’t get so see much and the sea was actually sadly quite full of trash. The land tour took us to the famous, stunning Kelingking beach. Billabong angel and broken beach which were all beautiful but a little too crowded. 

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Quite a long way up north but a beautiful little temple on a lake with the mountains all around. It makes you feel like you’ve been transported to mountains in Europe or Canada!

Uluwatu Temple

This didn’t do it for us personally as the temple wasn’t much to see with many areas closed off from the public. We wouldn’t recommend unless you’re in the area.


Finally... Rice Terraces!

The rice terraces were absolutely spectacular! Much better than we experienced in famous Sa Pa in Vietnam and something you don’t see very often (if at all). 


Having friends and family join us. It was so lovely to having Chloe, Fraser, Izzy and Ash join us here, it now feels quiet now they’ve left! We miss you and will see you soon. 


It just didn't do it for us

Unfortunately, and controversial to most people’s opinions, Bali hasn’t done it for us. I think as we’ve travelled Formlinge and experience more places our views on what we do and don’t like whilst travelling have adapted. Bali is one of the biggest and most well-known places for tourists in Asia and sadly for us with wasn’t one of the best. We think that the unfortunately the tourist attractions here just weren’t comparable to those in say - Vietnam. The beaches and snorkeling weren’t anywhere near as beautiful as Fiji or Phi Phi. Also, it was just so overrun with tourists that we don’t think you get to experience the proper Asia way of life and meet as many of the locals unless it’s via a tourist attraction. Don’t get us wrong, we did enjoy our time here, but if asked to recommend somewhere to visit in Asia, this wouldn’t be it!

Tips & Tricks

Try living in the less tourist known areas

We stayed in three places during our time here. Near Seminyak we had the stunning villa with our friends, but if we went back, we’d take them to either of our next two stops. 

We then stayed up in the middle of the jungle near Ubud which was so quiet and tranquil. Finally, we stopped in Uluwatu with some stunning sea views.