We said goodbye to the sun, sand, sea and sunbathing of Bali and took a flight (a surprisingly luxurious one at that!) over to bustling Hong Kong.


The Peak

We took the express bus up to the Peak which in itself was a beautiful ride through the city up into the mountain. Once there we took the short walk over to Lugard Road Lookout. Despite the awful downpour (and how unprepared we were for it) it was such a stunning view. We stayed to watch the sun go down and the city light up. 

Financial Area

A great place to walk around and explore the sky scrapers, water front and parks the city has to offer. 

Ladies Market

A backstreet full of lots and lots of shopping! As ever we (Jonas in particular) couldn’t resist getting a few of the goods.

Temple Street Night Market

Right near our hotel is a beautiful market that opens up in the evenings. Smaller than the Ladies market but just as lovely to explore. 


We couldn’t wait any longer to see Avengers Endgame and luckily the cinemas here show many of the films in English with chinese subtitles. Much more expensive than back home but so worth it! What a film!

Mid Level Escalators

Not far from the central MRT station you’ll find the outdoor escalators which are a handy way of getting up the hill. With many areas to get off and explore the shops you’ve just slid past. 

Man Mo Temple

A small temple not far from the escalators or central station but very different to others we’ve seen in Asia due to it being nestled right in between all the skyscraper buildings!

Yick Fat Building

We had seen this popping up a few times online so couldn’t resist seeing it for ourselves. Tall and dominating yet strangely beautiful. 


The Bustling City Life

We have been away from the really densely packed cities for a while as it is actually exciting to be back! Hong Kong has a great feel to it which really surprised us.

The Vertical City

Seeing just how jam packed and tall the building are with all the flats is just something else. And it's so hard to find places as they could hide on any floor!

Not Too Tourist Focused

We felt like the odd ones out here! There aren’t that many tourists around which for us was great. 


Prices are Higher again

This is an expensive city. Accommodation is expensive, food is expensive and it’s not a great feeling coming from all the cheaper places!

Tips & Tricks

Don’t worry too much about Location of your Accommodation

We stayed in Jordan which north of the water away from the central area, but it was only 2 MRT stops away which took no time. It also only costs €1.25.