We hopped on a plane and headed for Hawaii, ready to get away from the large American cities and see somewhere a little different! The magic of Hawaii caught us as early as the plane with the flight attendants greeting us with ‘Aloha!’ and the vibrant hawaiian music playing in the background. 


Waikiki Beach & Downtown Honolulu

This was our favorite part of Honolulu itself. Relax on the beaches, attempt surfing the big waves, explore the Hawaiian shops and grab a bite to eat afterwards. 

Explore the Whole of Oahu!

We took a road trip around the island including stop offs at: Turtle Beach, Sunrise beach and Nu’uanu Pali lookout and Lanikai beach. It can easily be done in one day if times not on your side!


The Aloha Lifestyle

It seems like a very laid-back place to live. Everyone was always smiling and friendly. 

The Beauty of the Nature

The rolling hills captured in the fog was mesmerizing and mysterious.


The Unpredictable Weather of October.

One minute it’s raining the next it’s agonizingly hot. Not the worst thing, but tricky if driving a convertible!

Tips & Tricks

Get A Car

Get a car! Exploring Honolulu itself it great but the real magic and beauty of Hawaii is in the less built up areas of the island. You could easily do it in 1 day – the island isn’t that big!

Free Hawaiian Shows

The International Market Place shopping mall puts on free Hawaiian shows in the evenings. See some of the traditional Hawaiian dancing and learn stories of Hawaii’s history.