Nanuya Lailai (Sunrise Lagoon Homestay) & Nacula (Safe Landing Resort)

After a delayed flight and quick recuperation on the main island, we took the Yasawa Flyer on a 5 hour scenic trip out to the small Fiji islands to spend a 2 weeks completely off the grid at two different eco homestays. We’ll remember the words Bula (Hello/welcome) and Vinaka (thankyou) forever!



You have no option but to immerse yourself into the Fiji lifestyle and take everything at the ‘Bula timescale’ instead. 

Blue Lagoon on Nanuya Lailai

A tranquil, clear water beach which we got to experience with no other people in sight! A lovely place to relax, snorkel and swim. We think it is one of the most beautiful beaches we will see in our lifetime. 

Fijian Entertainment at Sunrise Lagoon

A highlight of the trip was the entertainment our first hosts provided. We got to experience a Fijian show of dancing and fire displays, weaving and coconut demonstrations and listen to their traditional music while we ate. 

Hiking on Nacula Island

Put aside a few hours to hike up the mountains on Nacula Island to get some incredible view over the land and the surrounding islands. Note: it can get incredible hot even in November so avoid peak heat times and make sure there’s a breeze.

Snorkelling The Reefs

There are many different activities on offer in the Fiji islands  such as cave tours, spear fishing, and kayaking but snorkelling the reefs was definitely worth it for such a good price. 


Being Off The Grid!

No electricity, wifi, data or means of contact to the outside world. 

Experiencing the fiji islands hosted by a traditional family. Staying in a homestay instead of a resort is by far a better experience. Seeing how they live their lives, getting to know the people and learning about their lifestyles and the ‘fiji time!’. 

The People

We met so many fellow travellers who we hope to see again future in our travelling adventure. We also loved living with our hosts family. Everyone in Fiji is so friendly. 


The Limited Choices

We loved getting away from the rest of the world for a while however it’s a bit of an adjustment to get used to the limited choices here. The food you eat (unless bringing vast supplies from the main island) is completely determined by when, what and how much your hosts feed you. Electricity is limited to certain hours of the day, showers are cold, and some islands don’t have shops or restaurants. Without a doubt, it was a great experience, but we’ll be happy to be able to choose freely when and what we eat again and have a slightly warmer shower! 

Note: This is from our point of view from staying at home stays and eco lodges instead of 5 star resorts which may be different. 

Tips & Tricks

Which walk to take to the train wreck?

Bring your own snorkelling gear or buy on the main island beforehand as the gear you rent may not fit the best and is a little worn out. 


Stock up on book… or 5 ... you’ll have plenty of time to read them!


Don’t forget to bring some traditional old fashioned board games and a pack of cards.


Do all your organising for your onward trip before hand. Even if the places mention wifi it may not be available so make sure to either prepare beforehand or buy a local sim card.