We decided to take a little break from the big city lifestyle and get a two hour coach over to Whistler to be able to explore some of Canadas national parks. 


Train Wreck Walk

We were recommended to do this by our Vancouver Airbnb host. It’s a relatively easy hike through the woods along the river to some abandoned train carts now transformed with some colourful graffiti. We won’t reveal all as it’s much better to see yourself but they have a great history and story behind them. Allow 3 or 4 hours for this as there’s many photo opportunities along the way. 

Whistler Village

Whistler village focuses mainly around it’s involvement with the Winter Olympics in 2010. The village itself is beautiful, clean, vibrant and has lots of shops and restaurants to explore. Nothing is more than a 15 minute walk away. It’s the perfect place for everyone (families, couples, friends and dogs) to explore.

Whistler peak2peak Gondola

This costs $62 per adult so is a little pricey but an absolute MUST! This day pass gives you access to the gondolas up the top of mountain. 

It also includes access up to the Cloudraker sky bridge with a suspended viewing point, and the incredible 360 peak 2 peak gondola suspended between the two mountain peaks. While up there, there are not only some spectacular views, but great hiking and bike trails in the summer (skiing in the winter of course). There’s also some restaurants and cafes to relax and take in the views. The peak 2 peak gondolas are one of the longest and highest free spanning gondola runs in the world with breathtaking views. Wait for the glass bottomed gondolas which go every 15 minutes. 

We spent a good 2-3 hours up here and that didn’t involve any hiking trails so it was well worth the money!


All Of It!

We don’t have a bad thing to say about Whistler. We had 3 nights here and fell in love with the place. Truly spectacular. 



Nothing except unfortunately it’s very pricey meaning we couldn’t stay longer. As we are travelling for a year we are on a tight budget and Whistler sent us well over that budget! We will certainly be coming back later in life when we are less money conscious!

Tips & Tricks

Which walk to take to the train wreck?

Prior to going on this walk we did a little research and found people recommending many different walks to the train wreck. We chose to do the ‘Trash trail’ loop and would highly recommend it. As long as you do a quick google maps research to see the entrance of the trail it’s pretty straight forward. It’s very much a small footpath making its way through the woods but we never got lost the track. The trash trail follows the river all the way to the train wreck and is a beautiful walk. It took us about an hour one way. You could then either go back the same way, or take the larger graveled pathway back which is a lot less scenic and much shorter. 

Hot tubs in lodges

All accommodation here is separated as different lodges such as Deer lodge, Bear lodge, Eagle lodge.. We stayed in Market Place lodge which was great! The location was nestled right into the village with everything a stones throw away yet it was so quiet and peaceful at night. We stayed in a little one bed apartment which had its own kitchen, bathroom, lounge, dining and bedroom. It also benefitted from having a small balcony with views over the village and mountains. Marketplace lodges also benefit from a hot tub to use. Both times we went we got it completely to ourselves. As mentioned before Whistler is pricey but this accommodation definitely lived up to the price! It was our little slice of luxury along the trip and we loved it!!

Own car is preferable but public transport is good!

There are buses to link you to all the different parts around Whistler at $2.50 per ride (exact change only) yet we feel it would have been so much easier to have a car to do it yourself. The Train Wreck was a little drive away so we relied on public transport for this. All the lakes and surrounding areas would really need a car for access so we stuck to the village area. 

Also the journey from Vancouver – Whistler itself is magnificent! It’s a shame we were on a bus as there’s so many places we would have stopped to explore or marvel at the views. 

Whistler you were amazing... we miss you already!