After a 14 hour coach journey from Washington we had a quick stop off in Buffalo before heading over the border into Canada! 


We decided to cross the border straight away to explore the falls from the Canadian side. We walked over the Rainbow bridge to get there.
We then had a simple walk around the area to explore the falls. 
There are many tourist activites available to take part in such as:
- Zip wire line along the edge of the falls.
- The boat tours are a great way to get up close to the falls but be aware

you will get soaked! They are on the more expensive end at starting at $26 per person.

Rainbow Bridge

Horseshoe Fall

Walk Along The Falls


Walk Along The Falls

The walk from the top down to the bottom of the falls. An easier walk as it's slightly down hill. Make sure you start at least as far up as the Table Rock bus stop as you’re right at the top of the falls there – be ready for a nice cool down from the spray of the mist coming off the falls!


Very Busy

Both of use have visited Iceland and its spectacular water falls last year, which you can visit with no restricted and are far less touristic – we just aren’t used to the crowds anymore! 

Tips & Tricks

24 Hour Unlimited Bus Rides

Use the ‘WeStop’ bus to get around the area. For $8 candian dollars you get an umlimited 24hr bus pass which runs along all the Niagara falls area and most importantly over to the coach station!

Canadian VS. American Side?

Personally we believe the views from the Canadian side are much better! You can get a much better view of the whole area and walk along the span of the falls with many more tourist activities on offer. 
However, one thing we noticed this time was that on the American side is that there are some steps right down next to some of the falls! Something worth doing if you can to get down to a lower level and much closer to some of the falls. 
Boat tours go from both sides of the border.
It’s really down to personal preference – why not make the decision simpler and try both!?