After having a few days in Toronto we took a quick coach journey over to Lottie’s cousins in a town called Cambridge. We spent a long week and a half there relaxing and exploring the surrounding areas.


We mainly spent the time catching up with the family and relaxing around their beautiful home. We took this as time to catch up on some well needed sleep, relax and do those more ‘homely’ things such as cinema, mini golf, beach days and testing out the local restaurants. We did however take a few days to explore more of Ontario shown below. 

Cambridge Town

Cambridge is a town west of Toronto easy to access via Greyhound coaches with the journey taking less than 2 hours. Lottie's cousin gave us a good tour of the area and what stood out to us was the beautiful river front and the great little cafe 'L.A Franks' where you can grab some great food. We went for their hefty burgers and some ice cream (of course) and ate them down on the river side and made some new friends shown above...! 

Elora Gorge

We took an hour or so drive over to Elora Gorge which has a vast array of activities on offer such as camping, canoeing, hiking, fishing and tubing. We decided to take a gentle walk along the water front and enjoy watching people testing out the tubing facilities! The town itself also has a few lovely little shops and places to test out ice creams! 

Long Point Beach

We took an hours drive down to Long Point Beach for a day of relaxing on the beach. The beach is as described a very 'long' stretch of sandy beach along the lake. The water is also surprisingly warm in comparison to UK beaches! There was a mix of people sunbathing, swimming and playing some sports. There's also a small food shack if you're hungry. However, as we found out, watch out for those pesky seagulls... they'll take any food on offer! 

Bruce Peninsula

Bruce Peninsula was somewhere on the list for both of us so when we were offered to take the car for the day we knew straight away where we wanted to go! 

A few things to note regarding Canadians driving... their speed limits are so slow! For Jonas, coming from Germany where there’s the famous Autobahn with no speed limits, driving for 3 hours at 50 MPH was agonizing! We didn’t want to take the risk of a speeding fine so kept to the limits but this resulted in a LONG 8 hours round trip. 

Where To Go?

Once there we wanted to go to ‘The Grotto’ however doing some research the night before we found out that the rules have changed here recently regarding visits and parking. You can only prebook parking online now (which obviously gets booked up months in advance) and once full – no one else is allowed to visit that day. I understand that it stops the area being over crowded, yet unfortunately for us it meant there was no way we would be able to visit that area. We took a wild guess and drove further up to a place called ‘Little Cove beach’ which took us down a graveled road to a small free parking area. This guess paid off..! We ended up finding an equally beautiful beach, far less crowded and with completely free parking. It was absolutely beautiful and a must see. However, be aware the water is surprisingly cold!

Tim Hortons Saved The Day

As mentioned before it was a agonizingly slow 8 hours on the road so there was only one thing that would save the day here.. TIM HORTONS. I have been to Canada before so emphasized my love of Tim Hortons to Jonas. Although doubtful at first I have definitely converted him! They are a cheap, tasty gift from heaven! Our favourite is the Timbits which you can buy in packs of 10, 20 or 50 in a huge variety of flavours. Go give them a try and see for yourself.

After such a lovely time with the family it was time to leave for our flight over to Vancouver. We had the best time relaxing and seeing Canada through the eyes of people who live there. Thank you again Richard, Canny, Fraser and Hannah (and Max the pug) we hope to see you again soon!